Camera-Ready Submission

About Page Size & Paper ID & Final Paper Validation:

(1) Page Size:

Please make sure to set your final paper with page size of 612.0 x 792.0 points (8.5" x 11"), 2-column.

(2) Paper ID:

Please use "Conference Acronym/Special Session Acronym/Symposium/Workshop Acronym+Paper ID in EasyChair" as your Paper ID.For example, if your paper was accepted in the "BlockchainSys 2020" symposium/workshop, which is associated with the IEEE TrustCom 2020 conference, and if your Paper ID in EasyChair is "168", then your Paper ID will be like this: "BlockchainSys+168" or "TrustCom/BlockchainSys+168".

(3) Final Paper Validation:

Since the IEEE PDF eXpress tool is not available at this time for authors to validate final papers by authors themselves, please make sure to strictly obey the formatting requirements as indicated in the IEEE Author Kit to prepare your final papers and submit them through the IEEE Author Kit . If the IEEE Conference Publication Services (CPS) staff found that your paper does not obey the formatting requirements, they will contact the corresponding author of the paper. Please make sure that the corresponding author will check emails frequently, including junk mailboxes. Thanks for your cooperation:

Paper Validation
I would like to create my own PDF file to submit.

If you would like to create your own PDF file, please change the setting on your PDF distiller to insure your paper meets IEEE PDF specifications. Basic PDF distiller settings are as follows:

1) Optimized
2) Acrobat 5.0 compatibility
3) All graphics at least 300 dpi resolution (higher if preferred)
4) All fonts must be embedded and subset
5) Postscript settings do not override distiller settings
6) Page size is 612.0 x 792.0 points (8.5" x 11"), 2-column

Important 1: Authors must check their final PDF files before submission to verify that all fonts have been properly embedded and subset. Some font manufacturers now flag their fonts to not embed. These fonts must be avoided.

Important 2: You can submit your final paper multiple times before the deadline (October 29, 2020, with any time zone). The IEEE CPS staff will use the most newest submission.

Please use "The IEEE Author Kit" to submit your Camera-Ready Paper & Copyright Form.

The camera-ready version of your paper must be uploaded through the IEEE Author Kit on or before October 29, 2020 (Firm Deadline) in order to guarantee that your paper will appear in the conference proceedings. Please prepare your camera-ready papers strictly following the IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Format with Portable Document Format (.pdf).